For the love of being governed, and staying that way

At least once in your career, it is helpful to reflect seriously about the place where the Law Society sends lawyers found guilty of misconduct and worthy of disbarment.  Call it your general deterrence inoculation.  Whatever it means to be a lawyer, this is what it means no longer to be one. (la version française suit)

Stop, look and listen

To a France Inter audience this past weekend, American journalist and Obama-watcher David Page commented the U.S. President’s rise to the world’s top political job virtually from nowhere can be attributed at least in part to a technique described at pedestrian rail crossings: Stop, Look and Listen.  What can lawyers learn from this? (la version français suit) According to Page, Obama on the campaign circuit invariably waits for his interlocutor to speak, intensely looks him in the eye and pauses, on purpose, after his counterpart has stopped talking.  Common and natural political behaviour, you might say.  Except in his case,…

RIM’s Lesson for Law

The resignation of the CEO of an embattled public company, despite the predicted stock market bounce, is never good news.  When you have two, who share the post, and both resign simultaneously, you have double the trouble. (la version française suit.) By announcing their resignation on a Sunday, they followed the traditional wisdom of trying to bury bad news during the weekend news cycle.  Even in this, they got their own market wrong, and the recovery of RIM’s shares evaporated before Monday afternoon.  In the new media, news never sleeps.  Indeed, people absorb news better on weekends.  More than any…

Articling Task Force Consultation Report: The Case for Option 4

In an effort to start a meaningful dialogue on the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Articling Task Force Consultation Report, I have prepared the following draft responses to the five options.  (I will not submit my final views to the Law Society until March, 2012.) (la version française suit le scrutin) Consistent with my previous posts on this issue (The Economics of Articling and Do More than Save Articling), my current preference is for Option 4, because it provides the most realistic option for saving articling, while promoting innovation for the Common Law degree through an integrated curriculum and a fast track to…

Keynote Address to ABA YLD Conference

   Lee Akazaki delivered the Keynote Address to ABA YLD Conference, on August 5, 2011.  He talked about the “OF” and “FOR” dichotomy of being a lawyer and a representative professional.  Click ABA YLD Keynote  for the full text.   Terms of use / Mentions légales