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Mentors sound off

Inter-generational communication is always challenging, but never wasted. Precedent’s Sandra Rosier provides feedback from law firm mentors in (follow link:) “Bar Code: The biggest challenges [of] working with juniors.”  Unfair and one-sided?  Most unattributed comments are, but there are some truths to be found, too.  Just remember, everyone, including the senior lawyer, needs constructive criticism but often does not recognize it as such. Terms of use / Mentions légales

Talking law with the men in the office

“The partners believed the women’s excuses. … Everyone took the women’s words at face value. ‘Leaving for family reasons’ had a familiar ring to it. As some of the partners told me themselves, ‘It goes with being a woman.’ It was predictable. None of them made the connection between the atmosphere they described to me and the women’s departures. Seven senior lawyers out of the door in one year, all women, and no one saw a trend!” From Barbara Annis, Same Words, Different Language, 2003, p. 10 (la version française suit) The thoughtfully written first book by my friend and…