Diversity Awareness and Cultural Competency as Core Skills for Canadian Lawyers

Later today, I will have the privilege of participating in a working group of the Chief Justice of Ontario’s Advisory Committee on Professionalism tasked with modernizing the basic principles of professionalism for lawyers.  High in priority is the importance of integrating equity, diversity and cultural competency into the package that lawyers must offer the public. Historically… Read More

My Choice for “Best New Blog” in the #clawbies2012 Awards

My Choice for CLawBies 2012 Best New Blog?  The Law Society of Upper Canada’s Treasurer’s Blog. Not because the idea of a Treasurer’s blog is “cool.”  (Do we even want that?  No one outside of Ontario know he is actually the President of the Law Society, and we cling on to the misnomer to prevent… Read More

The Economics of articling, our Titanic

Apart from all the stale metaphors about deck chairs etc. … (la version française suit) A historical significance of the fatal 1912 maiden voyage of the Titanic was its foreboding of an end of a European social order already seeking a rescue from the New World. When it sank, there were not enough lifeboats. Aristocrats… Read More