2013 : The year of ethical lapses among high-performing professionals

If there has been a mystery from the events of 2013, it is the emergence in Canadian public life of respected professionals as instigators of questionable deals and conflicts of interest.  The intrigue surrounding Senator Mike Duffy captured national attention, but we were also mindful of the fact that, in Québec, it was getting hard… Read More

An iTunes for law? Think the unthinkable retail experience.

As shoppers file past the packaged meat counter at a Korean Tesco’s built into a subway platform, brings the groceries to commuters, then delivers them to their homes.  The virtual grocery, sort of like iTunes for those who want the record store browsing experience, might give us a glimpse of the law firm of the… Read More

Van Gogh et le prochain juriste

Septembre marque le véritable début du calendrier de l’avocat. En Ontario, nous ouvrons nos tribunaux judiciaires au cours de ce mois.  Le cycle post-estival commence également pour les cabinets d’avocats et les services juridiques. Pour de nombreux nouveaux avocats après leur admission au barreau en juin, la fin de l’été signifie que les mentors et… Read More