Is it time to unshackle law schools from law societies?

On December 10, 2018, the Law Society of Ontario chose to stay the course on its dual streams for lawyer licencing.  Apart from a few substantive enhancements such as the requirement for paid internships, a candidate for membership in the legal profession must either article under an approved lawyer or pursue an experiential education program… Read More

Getting to know your inner ejusdem generis

With increasing frequency, one reads arguments by lawyers arguing their clients have a “strong” case or defence based on an interpretation of a contractual or statutory provision is so wrong, it is enough to make one weep.  Beyond the common complaint about the literacy of lawyers in their everyday correspondence or speech, the inexcusable lack of legal… Read More

Lawyers’ Technological Literacy, or Lawyers’ Literacy and Technology

In her September 30 column in, Tackling Technology, Prof. Amy Salyzyn argues lawyers’ ability to use and manage information technology is now an element of professional competence. Technology is now a driver of client service, effective lawyering and access to justice.  The flip side of this argument is that screen-based technology is an inhibitor… Read More

Why the Rock needs a Law School

Archetypally, Newfoundlanders are the lawyers of Canada: proud, passionate, and fiercely loyal in temperament despite historically being the butt of bad jokes. Now, once again, Memorial University is considering a law school.  (Click on the Memorial logo – above right – to read the story.) A law school is a living monument to hope and… Read More

Van Gogh et le prochain juriste

Septembre marque le véritable début du calendrier de l’avocat. En Ontario, nous ouvrons nos tribunaux judiciaires au cours de ce mois.  Le cycle post-estival commence également pour les cabinets d’avocats et les services juridiques. Pour de nombreux nouveaux avocats après leur admission au barreau en juin, la fin de l’été signifie que les mentors et… Read More