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Stop letting the TWU controversy make fools of the Canadian bar

It came to my notice that my last post on the British Columbia Law Society’s handling of the accreditation of Trinity Western Law School may have appeared at odds with a prior entry encouraging a negotiated solution.  In the September 26 post, “B.C. Law Society abdicates self-governance in favour of non-governance,” I stated that the decision to refer the decision to a referendum before the expiry of a statutory 12-month period was an abdication of the Law Society’s duty to govern the affairs of the legal profession.  Further, the referendum option can only be invoked by a petition from the membership, not the governing…

B.C. Law Society abdicates self-governance in favour of non-governance

This afternoon, the Law Society of British Columbia voted 20-10 to hold a referendum on the issue of accreditation of the Trinity Western University.  This came after a vote of 9-21 against deciding to overturn its previous decision in April to grant accreditation.* That first motion arose from a non-binding resolution of a special general meeting of the entire B.C. Bar, held in June.  A third motion, to defer any decision, was obviated by the decision to hold a referendum. In deciding to hold a referendum, the B.C. benchers have abdicated their responsibility as the directors of a self-governing profession.  Either they…

Becoming a Bar Leader in Three Easy Steps

Alas, paying your dues is still required, but the rewards of serving the profession are limitless. And, as with any political campaign, things either happen by accident, or they don’t.  If they don’t, there is no need to give up.  Here is a handy guide to making it in your law association, in three steps: “Get” the job description Read the bylaws of your organization Volunteer for anything

Call to arms, for lawyers across Ontario

Many OBA Council members asked for a copy of my March, 2010, speech, where I spoke about the core values of being a lawyer in 21st Century Canada. Here is a copy of the OBA VP Address to OBA Council 2010. Terms of use / Mentions légales