Lawyers and their telephones

You can distinguish generations of lawyers from their relationship with the telephone. (le sommaire français suit) I’m not talking about “recreational” use.  That phone-hugging lout, weaving back and forth in front of you through the breakfast cereals aisle at the supermarket, has shortened your life by the time you had to listen to him.  Sadly,… Read More

Unbundling the civil litigation retainer

“A significant proportion of middle-income Ontarians can afford to pay for some legal services.  Developing innovative programs to harness this market, whether through unbundling, legal expense insurance, or other forms of subsidized legal services, would represent an important step forward.” — Report of the Ontario Civil legal Needs Project, 2010, p. 56 (la version française suit)… Read More

Solving the conundrum of the Canadian tripartite retainer

(le sommaire français suit) Discussion of the 2000 Court of Appeal for Ontario decision, Fellowes McNeil v. Kansa, in my recent article, “No Unbundling of Negligence,” has tapped into a continuing discussion of the precise ethical obligations of lawyers and law firms retained by liability insurers to defend parties in lawsuits, and who “stumble upon”… Read More

Walking through the New Errors and Omissions Minefield in Medical Malpractice Litigation

Click on the link to read my article, “Walking through the New Errors and Omissions Minefield in Medical Malpractice Litigation,” The Advocates’ Quarterly, Vol. 22, 1999 22AdvocQ217.  Good to see the principles from the old 1-year limitation period remain relevant. Terms of use / Mentions légales