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The Myth that Lawyers Believe in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

In case you missed it, the Law Society of Ontario now requires lawyers to prepare and embrace a ‘Statement of Principles‘ regarding diversity in their practices.  I have been critical of the initiative because, at the end of the day, it requires no more than yet another act of lip service to fix real diversity deficits in the senior bar and judiciary of Ontario in relation to the public they serve. At the end of the day, most law firms and public legal institutions already have diversity mission statements and accommodation policies as good as any drawn up by our…

Jaggers and the Law Society rule governing trust accounts

Fans of Charles Dickens’ novels will know that his lawyers are practitioners of an obscure art.  In that regard, they are plot devices, agents of change in the course of principal characters’ lives.  None is more iconic than Jaggers, or Mr. Jaggers, in Great Expectations.  The trustee of a sum of money left by an anonymous benefactor to the orphaned working-class boy Pip, Jaggers is instructed to disburse funds necessary to make Pip a gentleman.  The secret identity of the benefactor, not revealed until nearly the story’s end, is the source of a significant malentendu that drives Pip’s actions and character development. No one…

Choisissez le ‘nouveau’ professionnalisme juridique

Le droit et le combat (For English version, click here or click on the image – right) Les outils de notre métier sont-ils les insultes et les arguments ad hominem? Est-ce que nous allons collaborer à la suppression des puissances des avocats plaideurs?  Suivrons-nous le « mouvement de civilité » en droit canadien?  Ou devons-nous continuer avec les clichés de notre passé, comme le juge Riddell a capturé dans l’arrêt de 1915 dans Dale v Toronto Co. RW: « Le procès devant un jury est un combat et non un thé anglais » ? Ce n’est pas un argument nouveau. Au contraire,…

My Choice for “Best New Blog” in the #clawbies2012 Awards

My Choice for CLawBies 2012 Best New Blog?  The Law Society of Upper Canada’s Treasurer’s Blog. Not because the idea of a Treasurer’s blog is “cool.”  (Do we even want that?  No one outside of Ontario know he is actually the President of the Law Society, and we cling on to the misnomer to prevent the leader from being described with such epithets.) Not because the Law Society under Tom Conway has embraced social media.  (He’s still a one-man-band.  We’ll wait for the chorus of  “lifer” benchers to sign up on Twitter.) Not because it reaches out to a new…

Law Society of Upper Canada – What’s in the name?

Call it what it is, instead of what it is not. Call it: Ontario Independent Regulator of Lawyers and Paralegals. (le résumé en français suit) The Law Society of  Upper Canada‘s name is a millstone around our necks in the battle to preserve self-regulation.

An academy of criminal law for Ontario

This is my final post on the Law Society of Upper Canada’s articling consultation.  During the last few months, some interesting ideas have emerged from various quarters. (la version française suit) First, the “articling” crisis is perceived to be a Toronto-centric problem.  It has long been known to be a predominantly Ontario problem, probably because Toronto is a magnet for would-be lawyers not only from Ontario but also from the rest of Canada and some common-law jurisdictions abroad.  Anecdotal accounts of small-town firms unsuccessfully seeking articling students to fill jobs may suggest that it is not, ultimately, the Toronto bar’s…

leeakazaki.com Articling Poll extended to March 7

If you haven’t cast your vote, you’ve got till March 7, at 5:00 EST. (Voting on sidebar to the right, beneath the CL Logo.) Current poll rankings: Option 4 – Save articling but allow training course option : 56% Option 5 – Training course only (no articling) : 19% Option 1 – Status Quo  :  14% Option 2 – Status Quo, but with quality assurance on articling pedagogy : 8% Option 3 – Post-licensing placement training : 3% Terms of use / Mentions légales

UWO’s Gazette engages students in articling debate

University students eyeing a law career, both in law school and undergrad, need to make themselves heard in the Law Society’s Articling Consultation. Start with the University of Western Ontario’s Gazette article, and spread the word. ~   ~   ~ Étudiants universitaires, si vous considérez le droit comme carrière, vous devez vous intéresser à la consultation de stage du Barreau.Commencez.  Commencez avec l’article du Gazette de l’UOO, et faites passer le mot. Terms of use / Mentions légales