Articling Task Force Consultation Report: The Case for Option 4

In an effort to start a meaningful dialogue on the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Articling Task Force Consultation Report, I have prepared the following draft responses to the five options.  (I will not submit my final views to the Law Society until March, 2012.) (la version française suit le scrutin) Consistent with my previous… Read More

Lee Akazaki committed to Legal Advocacy, Education and Mentorship across Ontario

As the press release said, my focus as OBA President in 2010-11 was to bring in new lawyers into the mainstream of the legal “establishment.”  Advocacy, education and mentorship had to be the way of the future if we were to survive as the voice of an independent bar.  Click here to read the OBA AGM 2010… Read More

A mentorship site for new lawyers?

Welcome to Canada’s first blog devoted to mentoring new lawyers. (la version française suit) It’s French label, « SQP jeunes avocats, » captures the reality for many lawyers starting out.  (Sauve qui peut! meaning ‘everyone for himself.’) The site intentionally plays the words ‘jeune’ and ‘new’ off each other, because a life in law has always… Read More