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Common Sense and the Practice of Law

When someone says, “It’s only common sense,” and you disagree, what does it mean?  What strategies are available for refuting the inalienable truth?  Click here or on the graphic to the right, to read the November 2012 installment of Canadian Lawyer’s Accidental Mentor. Vous hésitez de contradire vos aînés?  Hélas, il faut d’abord considérer la fondation de leur ‘sagesse’ en ce qui concerne les vérités inaliénables.  Cliquez ici, et lisez la suite dans l’article du mois dans Accidental Mentor de Canadian Lawyer.   Terms of use / Mentions légales

Lawyers and their telephones

You can distinguish generations of lawyers from their relationship with the telephone. (le sommaire français suit) I’m not talking about “recreational” use.  That phone-hugging lout, weaving back and forth in front of you through the breakfast cereals aisle at the supermarket, has shortened your life by the time you had to listen to him.  Sadly, public places have become mental extensions of people’s living rooms.  Compared to its omnipresence in the world outside, the decline of telephony in the law office is more subtle and more important to your career. The desktop telephone reached its apogee as professional tool  in…