Is it time to unshackle law schools from law societies?

On December 10, 2018, the Law Society of Ontario chose to stay the course on its dual streams for lawyer licencing.  Apart from a few substantive enhancements such as the requirement for paid internships, a candidate for membership in the legal profession must either article under an approved lawyer or pursue an experiential education program… Read More

UWO’s Gazette engages students in articling debate

University students eyeing a law career, both in law school and undergrad, need to make themselves heard in the Law Society’s Articling Consultation. Start with the University of Western Ontario’s Gazette article, and spread the word. ~   ~   ~ Étudiants universitaires, si vous considérez le droit comme carrière, vous devez vous intéresser à… Read More

Articling Task Force Consultation Report: The Case for Option 4

In an effort to start a meaningful dialogue on the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Articling Task Force Consultation Report, I have prepared the following draft responses to the five options.  (I will not submit my final views to the Law Society until March, 2012.) (la version française suit le scrutin) Consistent with my previous… Read More

Do more than save articling – reinvent the lawyer

During the 1990’s, corporate clients wanted law firms to employ more junior lawyers to complete their work at lower hourly rates.  During the first decade of this century, the same clients started telling firms not to use them on their files. (la version française suit) The actual demand for legal services is as vibrant as… Read More

The Economics of articling, our Titanic

Apart from all the stale metaphors about deck chairs etc. … (la version française suit) A historical significance of the fatal 1912 maiden voyage of the Titanic was its foreboding of an end of a European social order already seeking a rescue from the New World. When it sank, there were not enough lifeboats. Aristocrats… Read More