click on the links below for publications about canadian law and professionalism


Big Law Blues

Accidental Mentor Column, Canadian Lawyer


George Miller’s secret to being the best lawyer (you can be)

Hell is freezing over, now what?

Mentorship 2.0 –  History and Your Rightful Place

Lawyers and their demons

The last word

Butting out the word ‘but’

Merit and your career in law

The persuasive art of coded understatement

Respect for lawyering

Tip 1984 – Dig up the past for better legislative interpretation

A bridge and a ladder – two metaphors, one diversity deficit

Apologia for a ‘new’ professionalism in Canadian law


If the profession is broken, it may not be so bad

Stop making common sense

What the Québec tuition protest taught law students

Developing the next generation of lawyers

Kill your darlings, before they kill you

Winning at meeting

Reincarnation for the legal bully-savant

Saying ‘yes’ to family

Making the most of wasted time

Talk to kids about law – It’ll be good for your career, too

Writing the valuable client letter

Procrastinators, don’t let work-life balance kill you

Law Society of Upper Canada Gazette

Les Tendances de la profession juridique en français

OBA Support for Mandatory Professional Development

Ontario Bar Association’s Briefly Speaking

Lawyers in the public eyeBriefly August 2011

Teaching ethics to grown-up lawyersBriefly June 2011

The Sacredness of privilegeBriefly April 2011

Affordable justiceBriefly Feb 2011

The End of law societiesBriefly Dec 2010

Bringing Ontario’s lawyers togetherBriefly October 2010


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