The Bridge between ‘Aimless in Articling and ‘Big Law Blues’ – Two Features in Just Magazine’s Winter 2015 Issue

As readers of the OBA’s Just Magazine may have figured out, Jeremy Martin’s Aimless in Articling and my Big Law Blues were solicited as a tag team, one from a new lawyer’s perspective and one from the Quarter-Century Club.  Based on the feedback so far, it was a successful pairing.

Extract from Big Law Blues:

The social and economic transformations of Ontario society, as well as its place in Canada and the world, will have a profound impact on every aspect of law. Every legal concept from the reasonable ‘man’ (no longer the man on the Clapham Omnibus) to parties’ expectations in contract will need to adapt to an absence of normality in the conventional sense. The so-called legal futurists have not realized that the future is not about a market for legal services. Rather, the future is about the law itself: how it has shifted from Hart’s concept of words backed by force to words backed by consent and the pressure of the crowd, or how judge-made “unwritten” constitution has deflated measures for democratic reform. It may be a lot to take in, but so was a legal education.

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