Lawyers as the public conscience of their clients

On October 16, as part of their joint professional development seminar, Current Topics in Ethics & Professionalism, the Toronto Lawyers Association and University of Toronto’s Centre for the Legal Profession will be staging “A Great Debate:  Should Lawyers Consider Themselves the Moral Conscience of their Clients?”  I will be debating in favour of the resolution.

If you are attending and want to prep for the debate, or can’t make it, read my September, 2013, column in the Canadian Lawyer entitled “Lawyers and their demons.” (click on graphic, above right)

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Le 16 octobre, l’Association des juristes de Toronto et le Centre du barreau de l’Université de Toronto présenteront , Current Topics in Ethics & Professionalism.  Durant ce programme de formation juridique, je discutera dans “le Grand débat” en faveur de la proposition:  Est-ce que les avocats doivent s’identifier en tant que le sens moral de leur clients?

Si vous vous inscrirez et voulez préparer en avance, ou vous ne pouvez pas nous rejoindre, baladez au site du Canadian Lawyer et cliquez sur mon article, “Lawyers and their demons.” (cliquez sur l’image en haut)

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